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Toyota starlet ep91 fuse box diagram

On this page you will find links to various owners manuals and manuals for cars of Toyota. Official factory manuals of Toyota, dedicated to certain models. One of the largest automobile companies in the world. The headquarters is in Toyota Toeta. The beginning of the history of the company Toyota can be consideredwhen Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, initially unrelated to cars and engaged in the textile industry, opened an automobile department. Opened by his elder son, the owner of the company Sakichi Toyoda Kiichiro Toyoda Kiichiro Toyodalater, and led the car brand Toyota to the world fame.

The initial capital for the development of the first cars were the money gained from the sale of patent rights to spinning machines of the British company Platt Brothers. At the same time, the first export supply was made — four G1 trucks went to northern China.

A year later, inthe automobile department became a separate company, named Toyota Motor Co. Of course, it is also the largest Japanese automaker, producing more than 5. In the Toyota group there are a lot of companies, both automotive and engaged in many different areas. Toyota Harrier Service Manual -Maintenance and repair manual for Toyota Harrier car with petrol engines of 2.

Accessories catalog Toyota Japan, Spare parts catalog Toyota EPC, To view the selected manual, just click on its link, and then the page in which the document is inserted will open.

Toyota Team 21 Software. Toyota Camry Toyota Celica Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota Supra NANI T4. Toyota motor sales PDF Download. You have 0 items in your shopping cart. View Cart. Address: Main St. All of our products are backed up by a money back guarantee if you are received wrong product from us!

Click Here to Read Our Guarantee. Your eligible purchases are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. Millions of repair manuals for your machine. Posted by manual store Friday, 5 May Car shop manual free download.The first generation Starlet was sold as the Publica Starlet in some markets. In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store dealers. Starlets were typically dependable but austere vehicles; however, some upgraded versions were produced.

Another variant was the Seramade in the early s and officially sold only in Japan; the Sera had a unique two-door coupe body and butterfly doors but shared the Starlet's chassis and mechanicals. However, Toyota effectively vacated the European city car market until the Aygo was launched in Generally the car looked like a shortened Corolla. Body styles originally available were a two-door sedan and a three-door wagon.

The four-door sedan arrived in October It was never sold in Europe, despite the popularity in that continent particularly in the United Kingdom of the similar-sized Datsun Cherryproduced by Toyota's rival manufacturer Nissanas well as the success of modern new superminis like the Fiat and Renault 5. The 60 series, introduced in Februarywas better known, being the first to be extensively sold outside Japan, being imported to Europe, including the United Kingdom, fromby which time superminis were soaring in popularity.

Three- and five-door hatchbacks were offered in export markets, although a longer five-door wagon variant also known as the "Van" in the Japanese market was sold in Japan and certain Asian and European markets. The Van arrived in October The 60 series Starlet was the first Toyota passenger car to utilize rack-and-pinion steering. Si models have a fuel injected 4K-E engine.

Sprint models also feature Toyota Sports Handling Suspension and the external trimming on the car is clipped into place, as opposed to being glued on as in other models.

Sprint models also include the same alloy wheels as featured on early AE86 Corollas. Japanese market models did not generally have self-retracting rear seatbelts. Vehicles fitted with a 2K engine received a smaller differential X code, 5. Differential ratios depend on the trim model and market for each car, with 3. Inthe Starlet was facelifted to include square headlights and a second facelift followed in to incorporate a slant nose front end, and a lower hatch opening.

Tidy 60 series Starlets are becoming more difficult to acquire due, in part, to their age and proneness to rust, and due to the fact that many are being converted into track and rally cars, and are thus beginning to become a valuable collector's car. The — models came with standard five-speed manual transmissions and tachometers. It is an equivalent to other markets' S model.

The — models were additionally offered with electronic fuel injection EFI with the 4K enginebut with a four-speed manual transmissionand similar to other markets' XLi model. Common rust locations on a 60 series Starlet are under the rear hatch seal, around the front window wiper mount, behind the front fenders and the bottom of the doors.

The P70 series of October saw the Starlet switch to front-wheel drivewhich was now the normal format for cars of this size. Three-door and five-door hatchbacks were offered, and a three-door van for commercial use was also available in many markets.

The 12 valve 1E and 2E engines replaced the old K-series engines. The Ri and Turbo R are the light weight models designed for motorsports. For the export markets the Starlet 70 series were offered as 1. The export version Si Limited was basically an XL or 1.

The first Starlet assembled outside Japan was the 1. A year later, the 1. A minor change for Japanese models was given in with new nose, tail lights, bigger bumpers, and revised interior. Indonesian-built Starlet received this minor changes inhowever the European and general market models retains the older appearance. The Starlet 80 series was introduced to the Japanese market in December It featured a more rounded body style and interior.By Craigtrials95March 8, in Electronics.

Cheers man, I'll have a look through that hope it gets somewhere. Got it sorted and running today, ripped out my alarm and wired the car up without it and it sorted the problem.

But now it blows fuse am2 I think it is quite often. Got the car running fine today, turned it off after letting it run up to temperature then tried to start it again a few minutes later and there is nothing at all, no lights on dash, no noise or anything. Just remembered someone couple months back had the same issue no cluster lights no ignition noises and the car wouldn't start ether it turned out to be the main relay that was blown it might be a dodgy relay.

That's her running again after replacing efi relay, and now another problem too look at tomorrow. My windows won't work and the wipers go up but not back down haha. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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toyota starlet ep91 fuse box diagram

Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Electronics Search In. Ep91 wiring diagrams By Craigtrials95March 8, in Electronics. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted March 8, Any complete wiring diagrams about for a glanza v ep91? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 9, What diagram you after? Try this lots of useful info and also has complete ignition circuit diagram ignition circuit complete.

Flasher relay location in Toyota Corolla. Years 1991 to 2000

Posted March 10, Posted March 12, Check the plug On your blower Motor if that's disconnected u won't get a eml. Posted March 13, Posted March 16, Posted March 18, Have you tried checking every single fuse and relay on the car?I'd love to be emailed when a new, high quality document is available for my Toyota Starlet. My email address is:.

96 Glanza fuse box

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toyota starlet ep91 fuse box diagram

Toggle navigation. Home Workshop Manuals Toyota Starlet. Initially launched in April as the Publica Starlet 40 series, the Starlet was offered with 1, and 1, cc engines. The 60 series, introduced in February was better known, being the first to be extensively sold outside Japan.

It was offered withand cc engines. The 70 series of October saw the Starlet switch to front wheel drive. The Starlet 80 series was introduced to the Japanese market in December It featured a more rounded body style and interior.

The Starlet GT Turbo is high performance model of the fourth generation Starlet, first introduced in The Starlet 90 series, introduced inretained the same ideas of three or five-door hatchback. Get notified for new files? We'll send you a quick email when a new Toyota Starlet document is added. Related Models. Toyota Official Website. Never miss out: Get notified when new Toyota Starlet documents are added. About Manuals.

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toyota starlet ep91 fuse box diagram

Posted 13 February - PM. I have a weird prob with my Aircon on a Starlet EP91 The aircon compressor clutch dis-engages intermittently every say mins after say 1 hour of furnctioning perfectly. On shorting the compressor clutch replay contacts it seems the aircon works ok well the compressor is engaged foreveralthough lately even this seems to fail - i.

I pull out the relay and plug bakc, the relay engages hear relay click but clutch does not click. When working, the aircon is nice and cold, so iI assume refrigerant pressure is Ok. Being at the end of my wits, I need the electrical wiring diagram for this vehicle. I have the engine and chassis but now I find out theres a separate wiring manual! Or some advice as to what might be the problem? I don't think it's the clutch itself or hope so lol getting hot and releasing.

I am still to try shorting its contact directly with a 12V lead but it must be done when it is playing up and thatt's intermittent, so a devil of a prob. Posted 15 February - PM. The setup will be very similar to the air con setups in Toyota vehicles of the same era - I'd look at the circuit diagram for a AE92 Levin which is possible to find. There could be a refrigerant pressure sensor which may be causing the issue - try shorting across the sensor and see if there is any improvement.

I did try to short the sensor and it did not seem to make any difference. There are 2 pairs of contacts, one for cooling fan, one for magnetic clutch. Well maybe the clutch itself giving up after say 1 hour.

The prob with the pressure sensor is that one can;t change it without opening the system up, I would have already changed it Posted 16 February - AM.

I have heard oil can leak down and interfere with AC connections.Toggle navigation Parts. Keep it real. Keep it Toyota. Your Nearest Online Dealers. Sullivan Brothers Toyota. Distance: Shop Now. Mcgee Toyota of Dudley. Prestige Toyota. Select a category or accessories.

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Nobody knows your Toyota better than we do, so trust us to pair you with tires that match your vehicle perfectly. Legal Privacy Policy Legal Terms. Specifications, features, equipment, technical data, performance figures, options, and color and trim are based upon information available at time of publication, are subject to change without notice, and are for mainland U.

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with a sales representative. All information applies to U.By SympolSeptember 29, in Toyota Family.

Recently renovated my Starlet left hand drive model as I'm in Sweden. Passed rego checks etc. Started OK yesterday morning, idled for a couple of minutes then I switched it off.

On attempting to restart after 5 minutes, no warning lights on dash panel - except for performance light linked to a vacuum sensor on the inlet manifold and the radio, but no lights, horn, starter motor etc.

The strange thing was that the electric cooling fan in the engine bay was running as soon as I turned the ignition key, although the engine was pretty well cool.

Thought maybe the Battery had died, so recharged it - same result. Tried with a different Batterysame result. Initial thoughts now are that a relay somewhere has died, cutting off almost all electrical supply, but I am unable to find a wiring diagram - the workshop manual I have pretty useless Chilton version does not contain any wiring diagrams or information on fuses etc. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model - or any useful tips on what I should check first?

You can also try and get hold of a Haynes manual for your car. They're fairly good and contain wiring diagrams. The fuses are easy enough to diagnose as you can just look at them and see if the wire is bust or not. Thanks for the response - I do have a multimeter and will try to narrow down the problem.

Toyota Starlet EP91 wiring diagram part EWD267Y needed pls.

There doesn't appear to be a Haynes manual for that model that I can find - the Chilton was the closest I could find Had another quick look just now and discovered that the problem appears to be limited to the engine ignition system - no warning lights come on, or headlamps, when I turn on the ignition the headlamps normally do on this Swedish version automatically. However, all lights, stop lights, indicators, horn, wipers etc. It's just that nothing happens when I turn the ignition key - no warning lamps glow apart from the economy warning light and there is no activity from the starter motor.

As the horn, indicators etc. So it's back to the multimeter and checking from the ignition switch back to the engine Have you checked the fuses first? Might be just as simple as something blown. But it's a good sign that there is some power going around the car.

Yes - all the fuses look OK When I turn the ignition switch I can hear a relay under the bonnet click, but nothing else happens - there are 2 similar relays in the fuse box in the engine bay which I switched over, but that made no difference - I can still hear the click whichever way round the relays are, so I'm assuming they are both OK.

Getting dark and blowing a gale now so I'll leave it until tomorrow - it's my spare car so there's no pressure to get it going again, luckily! Just an update on this. After faffing around with the wiring harness, ignition switch and starter motor, I have finally found the problem - a poor connection on the engine block earthing strap. Removed, cleaned and replaced the strap and now everything is fine again Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I'm also in Sweden and my 87 starlet does the same when it's cold.

Where was that earthing strap located? On my Starlet the earth cable from the Battery negative terminal runs to a bolt connection on the body close to the Battery tray. From there another cable runs down to the engine mounting bracket under the Battery tray.